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Hi, My name is Colin Abbott, President of the ROTARY CLUB OF FRODSHAM & HELSBY, for the year July 2020 to June 2022. On behalf of our club I would like to thank everyone attending the 5th Charity Scooter Rally, you are helping us raise money for many local worthwhile causes! We would also like to thank the many volunteers who are friends of Rotary, and members of the local Omega Scooter club. Along with the members of the Rotary Club of Frodsham & Helsby they have committed hundreds of voluntary hours to bring this event to fruition!

Rotary is a ‘service club’ open to men and women from all backgrounds. It is an international service organization in more countries than McDonalds, whose stated purpose is to bring together people in order to provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world. At a local level our headline motto is “We are for Communities” This means that we strive to work as community champions who stand up for our communities both locally and overseas. We support those who need help, we strive to improve lives and we bring about positive change in our neighborhood. Every event, initiative or project that we run – whether it is local, national or international – is rooted in the notion of community. This is because we believe that society works better when communities work together.

In recent years Frodsham & Helsby club has supported a wide range of local and international causes. These are far too many to list.

As a group we plan and deliver a number of fund raising events, the most well-known being our Santa and Christmas Street collections, the Cheshire Motor Show and Festival in the park and of course this event you are attending, the Mid Cheshire Charity Scooter Rally. All these projects are successful because of the commitment of our Rotary members; however it is not all hard work, Rotary is all about fun and fellowship, as well as helping communities! If you are local and would like to meet a great group of people please contact us via the club website!

I hope that you enjoy this event, please don’t forget it is all planned, organized and delivered by volunteers, and that any surplus funds will be re invested to support quality of life enhancements for people with a wide range of needs, it will be invested in communities.


Colin Abbott