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 The Tug of War competition for the Michelin Cup will take place in the Arena at Lady Heyes, the day and time will be dictated by the schedule of the coronation, we normally run it at 3.30 on the Saturday however, we may have to move it to Friday afternoon. The competition will involve 8 teams, each team consisting of 6 people with one person to be Team Leader.

2016 champions, Ace of Spades Scooter club



The rules of the Tug of War Association will apply to the competition and are contained in their Tug of War Association Rules Manual. In registering the team the Team Leader must have read the Manual and must bring it to the attention of each member of the team.

The Michelin Cup is awarded to the team that wins a knock out competition over 3 rounds.

There will be a draw to decide which teams should compete against each other in the opening round of the competition.

Please enter the name of your team and the names of your Team Leader and 5 other team members in the form below.

N.B. The form is NOT yet live, we will let you all know via Facebook when it is.

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